Best Tips for a Successful Magazine

Behind every great magazine are great stories — namely, the interviews and features that grab the attention of readers around the world. Today, we’re breaking down how to conduct the perfect magazine interview in six simple steps so you can take your interview game to the next level.

Do Your Research

Before conducting interviews, it’s important to thoroughly research your interviewees and make an effort to understand their backgrounds, histories and other important information about their lives, hobbies and careers. Study the basics and try to avoid asking questions that have already been answered in other interviews or online. Keep track of these important notes, facts and interesting tidbits to use as talking points throughout your interview.

Have a Conversation — Not an Interrogation

An interview can be an intimidating space for your interviewee, so it’s important to make the subject feel as comfortable as possible during the interview process. Start by giving an overview of the topics that you want to cover, then briefly walk your interviewee through what they can expect in order to avoid any surprises. Let the conversation flow naturally, starting with a guiding question and allowing the interviewee to speak freely on the subject. Don’t pay too much attention to asking questions one after another or sticking to a strict order of questions — you may be surprised by the new information you learn when you allow your subject to speak their mind openly and freely.

Original source: issuu blog

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